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Wastewater Management


The Conservtech Group provides comprehensive services for administering and complying with your County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County wastewater permit.

Our services include:

  • Wastewater permitting
  • Surcharge Statement Preparation
  • Self-Monitoring Report Preparation
  • Demonstration Period Administration
  • Design of Flow Monitoring Systems
  • Design of pH Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Project Management of Wastewater Projects
  • Liaison with Regulatory Agencies

We also provide on-site maintenance and sampling services for your
wastewater systems through our Flowtrace Division, including:

  • Wastewater Sampling and Analysis
  • Flow and pH Meter Maintenance
  • Instrument and Hydraulic Flow Meter Calibrations
  • Flow and pH Meter Sales and Installation

We offer substantial discounts for clients who enter into an annual
wastewater maintenance contact with us.

Please give us a call to see how we can help keep you in compliance with wastewater regulations.


Important Dates During the County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Surcharge Year (July 1 through June 30)

July 1st
Surcharge Year Begins

July 15th
Monthly Self-Monitoring Report (SMR) for June due

Bi-Monthly SMR for May/June due

Quarterly SMR for April - June due

Semi-Annual SMR for January - June due

August 15th
Monthly SMR for July due

Annual Surcharge Statement due for Year Ending June 30th

September 15th
Monthly SMR for August due

Bi-Monthly SMR for July/August due

September 30th
First Quarterly Surcharge Payment due

October 15th
Monthly SMR for September due

Quarterly SMR for July - September due

November 15th
Monthly SMR for October due

Bi-Monthly SMR for September/October due

December 15th
Monthly SMR for November due

December 31th
Second Quarterly Surcharge Payment due

January 15th
Monthly SMR for December due

Bi-Monthly SMR for November/December due

Quarterly SMR for October - December due

Semi-Annual SMR for July - December due

February 15th
Monthly SMR for January due

March 15th
Monthly SMR for February due

Bi-Monthly SMR for January/February due

March 31st
Third Quarterly Surcharge Payment due

April 15th
Monthly SMR for March due

Quarterly SMR for January - March due

May 15th
Monthly SMR for April due

Bi-Monthly SMR for March/April due

June 15th
Monthly SMR for May due

June 30th
Surcharge Year Ends

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